Every Other Time: B​-​sides from Only Every Time

by The Graduate

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    Every Other Time: B-sides from Only Every Time is available for whatever price you'd like to pay. This EP includes songs recorded in Baltimore with Brian McTernan, plus a couple demos from our home studio in Springfield, IL. Each of these songs were close contenders for the album, and we're happy to share them with you! The download also includes album artwork, lyrics, and notes about each song.

    Whatever you choose to pay will go straight to the band, and will likely be used to repair our van/equipment and help us get back out on the road very soon.
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Every Other Time includes 6 songs that were close contenders for Only Every Time.


released January 17, 2011

Music and Lyrics by The Graduate
Recorded at Salad Days in Baltimore, MD and FM Studios in Springfield, IL
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Brian McTernan (except tracks 4 & 6 by The Graduate)



all rights reserved
Track Name: Into the Blue
This morning I could barely breathe
Some regret and some relief
I cast away to ease the pain
But it's all in vain

Now we're all afraid to go
Into the blue
I swore I'd find a place
Good enough for you

(This morning I could barely breathe)
Sail against the wind
(Some regret and some relief)
Until we find an end
(The more I move the less I find)
Tell the crew below
(She is on my mind)
We're never going home

Now we're all afraid to go
Into the blue
Soon you'll come to see
Why I had to leave

Now we're all afraid to go
Into the blue
I swore I'd find a place
Good enough for you

Over the years we found there's nothing left to claim
We knew that life on land would never be the same

Tell the crew below
We're never going home
Track Name: Set Me in Motion
Am I just a lonely wolf you hide under your bed
Far away from your friends
You keep me dry as a bone, just a ghost on the telephone
Far away from home

Won't you talk to me until i fall asleep
And come for me

You set me in motion
But you lead me astray
I'm still running backwards
But I know that I can change my ways

Fully drunk on prison wine, take two steps at a time
But never cross that line
And the way you hold me back is more than I can bear
Hands pulling through my hair

So love me up against your bedroom wall
Or let me be

You make it easy so I don't feel so ashamed
You spread your love around
(The moment that i feel safe)
You always turn me on and then you go and turn me out
Track Name: You Belong to Me
I got bad news and the blood's all boiled up
They're lining up in rows
It's a cold night, should've stayed inside
You're better off alone

It's all wrong
No one, no one's gonna take you away

Can't love anybody
Can't love anyone but you
Can't love anybody
I know someday you will want me too

Stop running around, stop running around
I don't think you're strong enough to leave
Stop running around, stop running around
You belong to me

It's not bad luck, it's a ruse, you cheated me
My reason comes undone
We made the headlines
"An Acid Bath for Love"

It's all wrong
I can't believe the fiend that I've become

Linda, I'll wait
All my life
I put the fear of death inside your heart
Before I make
You my wife
I'll put the fear of death inside...
Track Name: From the Ground Up
I couldn't wait for an accident
Built my own and held on tight
Every time you lower me down
I drift away, chase that high

My lonely nights, are all I know

Taking all I can find
Filling space, killing time
I'm home again

Bending shapes, x-ray light
Poring in, I feel like
I'm whole again

My lonely nights, all i know
This tired life's all my own

Taking all I can find
(Swallowed a lot of blood)
Filling space, killing time
(I don't feel so thick)
I'm home again

Bending shapes, x-ray light
(Swallowed a lot of blood)
Poring in makes me feel like
(I don't feel so thick)
I'm whole again
Track Name: Alchemy
All along
Been picking up the pieces that I've
Now I stay asleep because
It's all wearing me out

A shift so small
And everything is crumbling
My heart
Petrified in front of me
It's all wearing me out

So help me
I don't know if I'm a man or a machine
Comon and help me
Because I just feel anything
I'm always breaking
I'm not the man I wanted to be

Time won't wait
My past is catching up with me
With sweet and simple alchemy
No more surprises

Always the same excuse
What more could I lose

Always the same excuse
Pushing the pulp right on through

Always the same excuse
It's not my place to choose
What more could I lose